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The ship that lasted two minutes D’: 

NarnainGriff23: I loved there banter and everything before hand..ughhhhh my heart just pulled at my heart stings on multiple levels. 

Graham!!!! D’:

Odmhdksjsjdhhd I just found this blog and it's quite very lovely but it gives me too many otp feels and I just I can't *makes pterodactyl screeching noises*



omg this gif makes me happy! <3 

Unite. For Liberty.

I’m really getting excited about this. 

Prince Petr Ivanovich Bagration (1765 – 1812)…

"Being of average height, thin, with wavy brunette hair, Bagration had the typical Georgian hooked nose that gave way to a number of witticisms and jokes. Once, his aide-de-camps Denis Davydov told him that an enemy is very close – already ‘on their nose’. Bagration calmly replied. ‘On whose nose? If mine, we have enough time to have a breakfast. If yours, we have to hurry!’ He wasn’t handsome, but the glory and reputation of Suvorov’s disciple made a strong impression. Soldiers called him ‘The Eagle,’ while among the general population he was known as ‘Bog-rati-on’ (‘Bog [the God]-rati [army]-on [he is]’ – The God of the Army.’).”

Wait. He was called The Eagle? I smell an Assassin’s Creed storyline. >:D 

They’ve all been common folk. We could do with a prince assassin, eh? A little conspicuous, though….And the timeline is a bit of a bother, seeing as Edward, Haytham, and Connor have already taken up that whole time. I’m just saying “The Eagle” name caught my attention. 

omg guys&#8230;if Altair wore a suit&#8230;

omg guys…if Altair wore a suit…

We&#8217;ve found the human grumpy cat. 

We’ve found the human grumpy cat. 

I saw an Edward Kenway look-alike at Busker Fest. And also someone who looked like Erik Selvig so…. Maybe it was really Thor and not Edward…;)



Generally somebody help me out here? Why is Ubisoft getting all the hate over the female (or lack off) character in Assassins Creed Unity?
What was said? I have a generally idea but still..

Also I get the wanting for a strong female chacter, nothing would make me happier than playing an…

Because people care too much about equality and diversity. AC has loads of great female characters. But the truth is that the majority of gamers are male. I’m like you, I’m not going to boycott it just because the protagonist is not a woman. I don’t care about that. I like the supporting female characters well enough as they are. They don’t have to be the lead. It would have been weird to have Mary Read or Anne Bonny as the lead instead of Edward. And as a girl…well, I like seeing the handsome men in the game. I don’t want the lead to be a woman. :P


Broken Age. Tim Schafer. Subtle poop jokes. Voiced by Wil Wheaton.

Thank you.

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Tom would like to give you a hug - Imgur

Tom would like to give you a hug - Imgur