I love memes and Lord of the Rings


Prince Petr Ivanovich Bagration (1765 – 1812)…

"Being of average height, thin, with wavy brunette hair, Bagration had the typical Georgian hooked nose that gave way to a number of witticisms and jokes. Once, his aide-de-camps Denis Davydov told him that an enemy is very close – already ‘on their nose’. Bagration calmly replied. ‘On whose nose? If mine, we have enough time to have a breakfast. If yours, we have to hurry!’ He wasn’t handsome, but the glory and reputation of Suvorov’s disciple made a strong impression. Soldiers called him ‘The Eagle,’ while among the general population he was known as ‘Bog-rati-on’ (‘Bog [the God]-rati [army]-on [he is]’ – The God of the Army.’).”

Wait. He was called The Eagle? I smell an Assassin’s Creed storyline. >:D 

They’ve all been common folk. We could do with a prince assassin, eh? A little conspicuous, though….And the timeline is a bit of a bother, seeing as Edward, Haytham, and Connor have already taken up that whole time. I’m just saying “The Eagle” name caught my attention. 

omg guys…if Altair wore a suit…

omg guys…if Altair wore a suit…

We’ve found the human grumpy cat. 

We’ve found the human grumpy cat. 

I saw an Edward Kenway look-alike at Busker Fest. And also someone who looked like Erik Selvig so…. Maybe it was really Thor and not Edward…;)



Generally somebody help me out here? Why is Ubisoft getting all the hate over the female (or lack off) character in Assassins Creed Unity?
What was said? I have a generally idea but still..

Also I get the wanting for a strong female chacter, nothing would make me happier than playing an…

Because people care too much about equality and diversity. AC has loads of great female characters. But the truth is that the majority of gamers are male. I’m like you, I’m not going to boycott it just because the protagonist is not a woman. I don’t care about that. I like the supporting female characters well enough as they are. They don’t have to be the lead. It would have been weird to have Mary Read or Anne Bonny as the lead instead of Edward. And as a girl…well, I like seeing the handsome men in the game. I don’t want the lead to be a woman. :P


Broken Age. Tim Schafer. Subtle poop jokes. Voiced by Wil Wheaton.

Thank you.

Jun 9
Tom would like to give you a hug - Imgur

Tom would like to give you a hug - Imgur

Jun 6

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries


This is kind of…juvenile.
I’ve heard so much praise about this show, but I’m kind of disappointed. They make Lizzie annoying and immature. I’ve only watched 4 episodes, but honestly I can’t take much more without rolling my eyes. My friends and I were more mature than that at 17, certainly more so at 24. It’s the way she talks. My 16-year-old cousin talks like that. I’m just sayin’. 

Bing Lee though. lol.

Alright, hang on. I have to sample more. But not because I like it….:P

I should at least see the men first, right? 

You know, I’ve always related more to Darcy than Lizzie. I would definitely be the one standing as far from humans as possible. 

It’s better now that Lizzie’s talking more like a normal person

I don’t recall Lizzie being this pessimistic. Half as much as this. Lizzie smiles and laughs sometimes, remember? Fine eyes?

Charlotte reminds me of Lane from Gilmore Girls.

It’s Ep. 15, where are the boys??

Jane is really pretty. Can I just watch this for her and Bing? I did with Lost in Austen. 

Um, I thought the Bennets were pretty poor. They seem to have a nice, second-story suburban home. I wouldn’t exactly call that poor. 

lol. Lizzie calls Charlotte a Debbie Downer. That’s ironic. 

I keep saying one more. I have things to do. 

Collins is like a caricature. He doesn’t seem real.

Caroline: “At first I thought they were kind of childish.” lol, me too, Caroline. Actually, I’ve realized since then that I talk similar to Lizzie as far as being a drama queen. 

BING!!!!!!!!!! Took long enough. And yes, I am hooked, thank you very much…. 

I like that the proposal from Collins is a business partnership. 

Is it bad that this Charlotte - Lizzie spat is starting to make me cry? I wasn’t expecting these people to be such good actors.

You can’t play such bubbly music after that!!!! 

I don’t know how I feel about Wickham. Yes, he’s hot. Sure. But what does Lizzie see in him, really? 

EW. She gets all smitten around Wickham. But I see how Wickham and Lydia are perfect for each other. 

I’m at one of those crossroads. Do I click next or not? I guess I should save some of this for later. Like tomorrow when I get home from work.

Lol, Lizzie’s impression of Catherine de Bourgh. 

I love Fitz. :D 

I think the best part of these is forgetting what’s coming, even though it’s familiar. 




That open door…I knew it. I could smell that coming episodes away!

Wow. Lizzie’s impression of Darcy is spot on. I’m not sure how I feel about his mannerisms…

So Darcy can speak better in writing? Every introvert’s ovaries just exploded…including mine. 

LOL the flower on Darcy’s hat and the Fitz impression. See, I knew the real Darcy would come out, even if he is a little uncomfortable. I’ve heard that other person draws part of yourself out the way no one else can. 

HAHAHAHA, okay, wait. So before I even started this show I saw only a few seconds of ep. 98. I thought “I wonder if this is worth it,” because that’s how we determine if books or movies are worthy of our irreplaceable time—by watching the end! >.> I didn’t get too far past “I thought you were Chinese” and I was like “Huh???” (a question I maintained especially after I saw a lot more of Darcy in other eps) but now I get it. When Charlotte said she ordered Chinese I should have put two and two together but I’m a dope, so…


[I ship Sam/Orlin.]

not as much as Sam / Jack, but a close second. 


[I ship Sam/Orlin.]

not as much as Sam / Jack, but a close second. 

Awww it’s so cute! <3